Cast-Right™ Vertical Casting System

The Cast-Right Vertical Casting System was developed purely out of need - as a caster casting as many as 200 pen blanks a week, I was never satisfied with the either the process or the results from other casting methods. When first introduced to vertical casting, I knew immediately that vertical casting was going to give me the results I wanted nice 360 degree clear casts but the home-made components I had seen (the "wire" method of securing the blanks) did not produce consistent results every time... through trial and error, I developed and perfected the Cast-Right System. With the Cast-Right System you can expect:

perfectly centered casts - every time.
360 degree crystal clear viewing of the finished cast.
The Cast-Right System is manufactured in the US. Our shop is located just North of Nashville, Tennessee. Give us a call if you have ANY questions! Stop by our shop - most likely you will find me in the shop building something or casting something - my grandson by my side!