Jon Lesher

We would like to welcome Jon Lesher to outstanding team of guest artist. 

Jon has been working with wood my whole life. He never did anything exciting with it until June of 2016 when Jon started playing around with his planer and making cutting boards and butcher blocks. Jon started pen turning 1 year ago this past November because he needed to supplement his income as cutting boards by itself wasn’t cutting it. Last time Jon used a lathe was 23 years ago in high school and he went out not knowing anything and bought a lathe off Craigslist. He went to his local Woodcraft to buy a gouge to turn pens and to be shown how he should even hold one. Jon started with Slimlines and quickly discovered that was not the answer to paying bills. You see, he has three kids, twins that are 7 and a 5 year old. His children are adopted as he and his wife  not able to have kids. He got into this to hopefully provide a better life for his kids and to provide something that they wouldn’t have normally had. They are why he gets up of a morning and why he stays up until 2 am working Monday-Sunday. He has taken the progression in pen turning to the next level by stabilizing and dyeing burl woods in exciting colors to bring joy to other pen turners. "Not sure if this is the answer to supporting my family but I have found something I have a real passion in doing".