Cast-Right™ Vertical Casting System - Jr


The Cast-Right Vertical Casting System Comes with everything you need to begin casting perfectly clear JR Series Pen blanks! The patent pending Casting Cap not only holds your pen blanks securely but also allows for easy pouring of your epoxy/resin of choice.

Every component with the exception of the casting tube is completely re-usable for many castings!

System complete with:
Cast-Right Casting Rack; holds 16 casting tubes
16 Cast-Right Casting Caps with pins
64 (32 upper pen blank tube silicone plugs, 32 lower pen blank tube silicone plugs) Silicone plugs for JR size Pen tubes
16 Silicone Bottom plugs tubes with pins
32 5" long 1" diameter clear casting tubes
6 Translucent 16 oz resin mixing cups
6 Translucent 2 oz epoxy mixing cups
32 wood stir sticks

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