Aaron Pen Kit - Rhodium/Black Titanium


The Jr. Aaron is classified as a high-end component by Dayacom, where they offer the highest quality materials and pen components. The Jr. Aaron features a luxurious, hand-casted maple leaf design on the upper finial, centerband, and lower finial.

The Jr. Aaron can be postable or non-postable depending on your preference. The Jr. series of pens are for everyday use because of their size, weight, and overall comfort; guaranteed to give you a comfortable writing experience.


  • Pen Kit
  • Brass Tubes
  • Schmidt 5888 Ink Refill


  • Pen Kit
  • Brass Tubes
  • Standard Ink Cartridge
  • Two Tone Jowo Nib - 6mm


Includes all Rollerball and Fountain


Pen Type Rollerball, Fountain, or Hybrid
Finish Rhodium & Black Titanium
Tubes Jr II 
Bushings Jr II
Drill Bit Size Upper Tube: 12.5mm
Lower Tube: 10.5mm
Refill Type Schmidt
Tube Length Upper Tube:
Lower Tube:








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