Mercury Accelerator - 12oz Aerosol Can


Mercury's CA Accelerator is a mild accelerator engineered to quickly set the CA, but to help reduce the blooming that is common with very aggressive accelerators. MH16 is made with Heptane and is considered one of the best accelerators for pen turners. MH16 is available in a 2 oz pump bottle or 12 oz aerosol canister. Mercury Adhesives manufactures their CA and accelerators here in the USA, in Atlanta, GA. There are different CA formulations for pen makers. Thin, Medium, Odorless, & a unique High Performance that is great for oily wood. Plus, it has reduced fumes for finishing


SHIPPING NOTE: The 12oz Aerosol cans of accelerator must ship via Ground transportation within the U.S. Any location requiring air transportation is restricted. Your order will take a bit longer to arrive

Because of the Aerosol nature of this product, it can NOT be shipped by air.  Therefore, it can only be shipped within the continental 48 states of the United States.  Sorry, no Hawaii or Alaska orders, nor anywhere outside the United States.

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