Mercury CA - Flex CA Thin M20FT 2 oz


Mercury's Flex CA is brand new and designed for pen turners and other wood working. Unlike other brands which use rubber to give their CA flexibility, Mercury Adhesives uses a unique set of ingredients that won't interfere with that crystal clear finish you've come to expect from Mercury CA.

For now, it's only available in 2oz bottles.

It has a longer open time and allows you to easily get a smooth coat on the pen blank. It gives a flexible finish which can survive abuse that customers do to pens. And, it goes on even smoother, provides better coverage, and helps give you the best finish for your pens and other turnings.

Mercury's Flex CA can be left alone for a matte or satin finish, or it can be buffed & polished up to a glass-like shine.

The Thin Flex CA gives a great base coat for your wood pens. By itself, it provides protection with a more natural feel than using medium.

Mercury Adhesives manufactures their CA here in the USA, in Atlanta, GA. It is a medical grade CA that is highly concentrated and the purest premium CA available. For finishing pens, just a drop or two is all that is needed for each coat.

There are additional formulations for pen makers. Thin Flex, Medium Flex, Thin Regular, Medium Regular, Odorless, & a unique High Performance that is great for oily wood.

Another unique feature isn't with the CA, but with the bottle. Except for the jumbo 8oz refill, all Mercury CA is packaged in clog free bottles. There are three sealing points within the cap, including a steel pin to help keep the tip clear & open. But, if CA does build up on the tip or cap, just soak it in acetone for little while and it will be good as new.

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