Mistral Ballpoint Pen Kit - Titanium Gold


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Designed by Beaufort Ink to compete with the highest quality kits available, the Mistral Ballpoint pen is well balanced and manufactured to the highest standards. The Mistral line of pens feature premium quality platings and are outfitted with the very best of nibs, and components.

Available exclusively in the US from Signature Pen Supply

Your choice of accent colors:



♦ Rhodium fittings
Choice of accent platings

Ultra smooth operation

Beaufort Ink “Soft & Smooth” refill

High quality German made mechanism
Classic design

Slender finished sizes

10.7mm (or 27/64) & 8.2mm (or Letter P)
drill sizes


Drill Bits:

  • Upper Barrel - 15/32
  • Lower Barrel - 25/64


**Photos used in the product approved by Beaufort Ink**

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