Aussie White Abalone Pen Blank - Jr II


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Our blanks are cast using the vertical casting method utilizing a clear plastic tube as the "container" for casting; the result is a crystal clear casting which allows excellent viewing of the abalone prior to turning. 

Paua is a species of abalone only found in the sea around New Zealand. This marine mollusk east seaweed and lives clinging to rocks in depths of 1 - 10 meters, typically along the shoreline.

There is no other shell in the world that has color like Paua; color naturally very from greens to pinks to purples and blues, with some showing gold and crimson tones. The colors in Paua shell changed when viewed at different angels. Paua's iridescence, similar to Mother of Pearl but far more brilliant, is what makes Paua shell such an amazing material for Pen blanks. Every shell is different in its color and patterns making every pen blank unique. 

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