Mercury CA - Odorless CA Medium M100F


Mercury's Odorless CA does not produce the harsh fumes and odor that regular CA can. Because of this, it greatly reduces the white cloudy effect that can sometimes happen with pen finishes.

Mercury's Odorless CA comes in a thinner medium as well as thick viscosity.

Although it only comes in 1oz bottles, it will last a long time since you only need a drop or two per coat. With just a few coats you can have a gorgeous glass-like finish. A little dab'll do ya.

This is great top coat for your wood pens. Depending on the number of coats and how highly polished, it can provide a somewhat natural to a glass-like feel for your finished work.

Mercury Adhesives manufactures their CA here in the USA, in Atlanta, GA. It is a medical grade CA that is highly concentrated and 99.9% pure. For finishing pens, just a drop or two is all that is needed for each coat.

There are different formulations for pen makers. Thin, Medium, Low Odor/Fume, & a unique High Performance that is great for oily wood. Plus, it's has reduced fumes for finishing.

Another unique feature isn't with the CA, but with the bottle. Mercury's Low Odor/Low Fume CA is packaged in clog free bottles. There are three sealing points within the cap, including a steel pin to help keep the tip clear & open. If CA does build up on the tip or cap, just soak it in acetone for little while. These bottles can be refilled and reused many times.

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