Glass Art Pen Holder by Neil & C. Lyon M#M17


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Signature Pen Supply is proud to welcome the newest addition into the outstanding family of guest artist - Neil & C. Lyon of Neptune Turning! 
Size: Medium
These exquisite art glass pen holders/paper weights are individually handblown by this father and son team at the Corning Museum of Glass, THE premier glass institute! In this involved process, glass is heating to 2,600 - 3,000 F until it is molten and glowing hot. Color is then added, and in some pieces brass embellishments are added to the glass and then carefully twisted into shape. The pen holder is then put into an annealing kiln to slowly cool down for 2 days. Each of these holders is a work of art and come personally signed and dated on the bottom.
The Glass Pen Holders vary in size-
  • S=small (fits slimline a 3/8 hole) 
  • M=medium (fits bolt action/bullet a 1/2 hole) 
  • L=Large (fits Fountain pens a 5/8 hole) 
  • XL=Large (fits all Rollerball and Fountain pens a 3/4” hole)
  • Size is an estimate. *How large you leave the pen body, will be an important factor when choosing the correct size holder

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